Working in an ice cream store looks fun from the outside but it’s a lot of hard work. In addition to regular scooper duties, you have to be willing to pick up trash, clean (dishes, bathrooms, floors, etc). It’s required to work nights, weekend & holidays. The customers can be demanding and sometimes its hot and there’s pressure. The job can be difficult and exhausting at times, but there certainly will be fun days and you’ll learn about running a small family business.

Review the following requirements

As much as we’d love to allow everyone the flexibility to work whenever it’s most convenient for them, the reality of the ice cream business is that most of our customer traffic is evenings and weekends. We need you to be available especially during those times to give them the great customer service they expect from us. We will work within your busy schedule whenever possible, however, we do require specific requests for dates off to be done three weeks in advance in writing. Our schedules are done in two-week blocks, hitting the week beforehand.  A job requirement is that you are able to work every weekend in the summer (within reason; one or two missed weekends with advance warning is understandable) If you cannot commit to working weekends, please do not apply. Our minimum scheduling requirement is that you work one weekend closing shift, another weekend shift (day or night), and at least one shift during the week (preferably more).

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